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If your customers are shopping on their smartphones, then there’s no reason that your small business presence shouldn’t also extend to the smartphone realm. Mobile marketing is another exciting and effective way for you to grow your business reach as well as your customer base. Even if you have a physical location, a great deal of your customers might prefer to do their shopping on the go, and that’s especially true if they simply don’t have time to stop by your store as much as they might like.

The Facts About Mobile Marketing

Studies show that having mobile ads for your business has the potential to increase your overall brand awareness by as much as roughly 43 percent. The reason for this is that mobile ads encourage more responses from your customers. Not only can our experts create a customized mobile ad for your Jackson business, they can also create a business website that is made specifically for smartphone screens and capabilities.

Advantages of implementing a mobile display include:

The Jackson Sun Media Works Advantage

Simply because a marketing company specializes in mobile marketing doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to deliver the results that you’re looking for. When you allow us to create your customized mobile marketing campaign, we’ll give you:

We leave no digital stone unturned when it comes to creating the perfect mobile ad or mobile site for our clients. If you have specific ideas about what your mobile ad or site looks like, let us know and we’ll sit down together to see what we can do to bring those ideas to life and add our professional touch to them. Even though we’re the marketing experts, we make sure that you remain in the driver’s seat during the entire process.

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A knowledgeable Jackson Sun Media Works representative is standing by to provide you with more information about mobile marketing. Give us a call at 731-427-3333 and let’s get started.

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